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Re-Homing, Found, Lost


In order for our rescue to better assist you in re-homing your pet we will need as much information on your pet as possible.  We will need age, sex, medical records (if any) do the get along with other pets i.e. dogs, cats also are they good with children?  We will need good pictures of the pet in order to courtesy post your pet while we look in trying to find a good home for them.  We will try our best and make every effort to help you out and we will also sent you a list of rescues you can contact in the interim to see if any of them can help also .  Please email us with as much of the above information as possible and we will get back to you as quickly as we can in order to try and help.
EMAIL (For Cats/Kittens): and
            (For Dogs/Puppies)
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